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For all athletes, we offer the private use of our Vertimax Trainer. 

Male or female, at any level, from youth – to professional athletes, if you want to engage in drills that quickly develop more competitive athletes on the court, there’s no better choice than VertiMax to elevate a player above the competition and dominate matches.


The Vertimax, is the leading vertical jump and speed training system designed for multi-point leg and arm loading on-platform with up to 4 band multi-point off-platform speed training out to approximately 30 feet.

  • Dramatically increase vertical jump

  • Improve overall food speed and agility

  • Develop muscle strength that will help prevent injury

  • Train and develop explosive footwork

TIP: Add a Vertimax training to the end of your private lesson for a complete workout!


By clicking on the button below you will be linked to the private training page on the Actyve Volleyball website. Each coach manages their own schedule and are paid directly by the client. You can find complete bios on each coach and reach out via email to schedule an appointment.

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