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Strength and conditioning are important elements for success in competitive sports. At Vertical we feature high intensity work outs that help to improve quickness, agility, vertical jump and overall strength that can take your game to the next level. 


  • Focuses on agility and overall endurance

  • Improves foot speed and agility

  • Learn and identify exercises that will help with injury prevention

  • Develop overall strength

  • Train and develop all fast twitch muscles

  • Increase vertical explosion and overall strength

Jolie plyos.jpg


Plyometrics - Private Lesson

  • Single Session

  • 5 Pack

  • 10 Pack






Plyometrics - Semi Private​ Lesson *

  • Single Session

  • 5 Pack

  • 10 Pack






* Please Note: All players in a Semi-Private Lesson must sign up for the lesson at the same time. If only one person books a semi-private lesson, that lesson will be canceled. Fees will not be returned but can be used toward a future lesson. 

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